Accemedin is the largest medical and educational 

 content aggregator in Ukraine. 

 Partner with us to join the Ukrainian CME/CPD   market  with an estimated value

 of $40,000,000, and reach the 
 user base of over 60,000 doctors. 

More than 134,000 practitioners in Ukraine do not have access to high quality, modern educational materials on evidence-based medicine for their continued professional development.

Over 30 patients die every day in Ukraine due to medical errors.

On 01.04.2020, due to changes in the legislation, CME/CPD market in Ukraine, with an estimated value of over $40,000,000, will become open to all content providers.


We are guided by the need to give our medical professionals a convenient access to high quality and up-to-date information from international content providers. We want to give the opportunity to all accredited content providers worldwide to publish educational materials on our platform.

Our work has allowed us to create a unique content presentation technology for doctors that helps the provider track the content consumption and monetize their work, in line with the “money follows the doctor's choice” principle.

We have been able to obtain the data that confirms that the use of content by doctors on Accemedin reduced the number of medical errors in a discipline by 86.3% and increased the physicians' knowledge (compared to the previous knowledge assessment) by 32.4%.




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Our professional "Medical Information Bureau" will adapt your content to Ukrainian realities, translate and assist in promotions of your content according to the terms we will discuss with you. We plan to receive only a modest commission for content localization and adaptation.